About the African American Cultural Garden

The African American Cultural Garden (AACG) lies in historic Rockefeller Park in Cleveland, Ohio and is part of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. Fittingly located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, the AACG serves to exemplify the rich cultural history of the African American experience. The design was conceptualized to reference the past, present and future of African Americans through the dispersion of Africans through slavery, the struggle for freedom and the fight for civil rights.

Designed by accomplished architect, W. Daniel Bickerstaff II of Ubiquitous Design, the AACG embraces and engages the African American community and can be enjoyed by all cultures. Components of the design will represent the past, present and future and will display features like “The Door of No Return”, a symbolic reference to the final portal Africans, traded into slavery, went through to board slave ships. Natural elements, water, stone, and trees are also utilized in the design to underscore the themes of justice, democracy and hope.

Free to the public, the AACG will serve as an attraction for people of all nationalities and backgrounds to gain understanding of the struggles and the joys of African Americans. The garden will also be available for special community events, including Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as well as Black History Month and Juneteenth activities.